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I hope you enjoy it!

Millie Perez - Alfonso

Monday, May 7, 2012

Twinkle Toes - music card

Time for Music Spring Concert and to said thank you for our special teacher Mrs. Vega. 
First I cut a 5 x 10 card stock pager.  Then I designed from Twinkle Toes the music pentagram and some notes.  The "thank you" heading for the inside is from Sentimental.  A great tip is to cut this kind of letters two times to get easy to separate.

The background of the card is the notes from the concert that my son is going to play.  The pentagram is cut in black and the notes in red with some glitter on.

The inside of the card is another part of the music to be played.  The background of the letters was cut red and the highlighted was used on red letters.

To match the card, the envelope was red with her name cut in black with some notes to decorated the outside.

I hope you like it.

Tonight was my son concert and I feel very proud of him that I need to share some pictures.  It was a great concert and Thank You Mrs. Vega their is no words to express our appreciation for your time to make this concert possible.

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