I am very happy to share my work with all of you. I still in the beginner stage but I am having lots of fun.
I hope you enjoy it!

Millie Perez - Alfonso

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baptism Gifts & Remembrance

Always the Baptism of a baby bring us the opportunity to create something special.  This are some of the special gifts that I prepared for my new niece and godchild.
First, I wrote the poem, date, hour, church and the parents and godparents info.
Then I emboss the pink paper with a flower design.  Cut the ribbon and glow it to the paper.  Next, I create a bow with the medal inside.

Then decorate some boxes from the $1.00 store with almonds in the inside
 and ribbons in the outside.

Who could not melt with this angel.....

God bless you my little princess!!!!

Baby Book

OMG! It's being a long time that I don't signed to update, but it's because a new baby arrived in the family.  My sister Beatriz had the most beautiful baby girl called Genesis, and we spend 3 weeks playing with her.  She was the inspiration to create her baby book.  Pictures as follow:

The album is Memory, and the cover was made with Kate's & ABC.

Baby Shower and invitation.

My niece first picture!!

My details:  weight, length, hair, arrival time, etc...

On my way home....

Me and my sister....

All my first....

My healthy history as a baby...

My baptism pictures.

and much more that we can add to keep all the special moments....