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Millie Perez - Alfonso

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Locker Talk - Math Card Birthday

OK! This one is very interesting.  My daughter has to do a project of 3 mathematics, and one of them has to share her birthday.  Then the second part is do a birthday card for the one that share the birthday.  Well, very interesting!!! We found that on Oct 22, Rolf Herman Nevanlinna.  Know the fun part, create a birthday card to him when he will be 177 years old.

Math + Card + birthday = 177 years

Ok, I started looking for cards and I found in Locker Talk one with a different shape, cut 5 x 10.
Then this cute birthday cat is from Birthday Bash and fun colors to highlight.  The different numbers and math signs are from Birthday Bash.  I cut two sets in different colors to coordinate.

The Happy Birthday sign is also from Birthday Bash, cut 4.89 x 2.19, in blue and purple.  I used the foam squares to big dimension.  For the banner is used the Birthday Bash that has a bird on top but I cut it.  The inside of the banner is in gin gang blue and yellow to have more color, and the year of course, 117!

Then Mr. Rofl Herman Nevanlinna needs and envelope.  Wild

Final product, I hope Mom had an A+.


  1. Millie, this is such a super cute card...I really like the colors you chose and the popped up "happy birthday" is a perfect touch. Great job! Kathie

  2. What an interesting project!! You did fabulous with it! Your card is so creative and such a great way to complete this project. What great timing for the challenge at My Craft Spot! I'm so glad you linked up with us!

    Small Bits of Paper

    PS Your "I hope mom got an A+" comment made me laugh!!

  3. This is really fun and bright! Thanks for playing with us at My Craft Spot.