I am very happy to share my work with all of you. I still in the beginner stage but I am having lots of fun.
I hope you enjoy it!

Millie Perez - Alfonso

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warm Wishes Bags - Doodlecharms & Tags, Bags & More 2


Its being a wail since I posted my last project, but were being busy.  Today I will like to share with you the Holidays Bag that I'm going to give to my coworkers.  Its a great inspiration from Pinterest and a great Cricut project.

The bag is from the Dollar Store and includes:  Hot chocolate, 2 candy canes, 1 chocolate bar Ghirardelli and mini marshmallows.

The front card is 2 1/2 x 5 1/4 inches.  The phrase Warm Wishes is from Doodlecharms.
In the bag, I used Lettering Delight Chill Out font to write our message.
I think this project is adorable, easy to make  and low budget.
Happy Holidays!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Mustache - Forever Young

My best friend daughter turned 20! OMG! driving, college, boyfriend, etc....I am not ready for that.  We celebrated her birthday with a Mustache Party.  It was super cool!  Everybody had a mustache including the card that I did for her.  Today I saw that Fantabulous Cricut Challenge has a new challenge about birthday cards.

Cartridge: Forever Young
I cut a 5" x 10" card and folded one half and the other half in two half. I followed the instructions from How to Make Easel Cards from ScrapTutor.com. Then I cut one piece 5"x5" to created the front of the card. On the 5 x 5 I embossed using the Happy Birthday stencil. To decorate the front I cut a female silhouette 5" with a short dress from Forever Young. I used her favorite colors, purple and lavender. For the mustache I used my Billionaire Cartridge. ON the inside I wrote: "Le mustache Glamour".
The mustache was from Billionaire, Cricut Lite.

The letters I used are from  Billionaire Cartridge.

I hope you like it.  We had a wonderful mustache celebration!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween Candy Box-Tags Bags & More 2

Finally Halloween is here, even Xmas is on all the stores, but lets deal with one holiday at the time.  We are going to be out of town for Halloween, so I was thinking in a little gift for my children's cousins to bring.  I used Tags, Bags and More 2, to create a mini box, with Halloween paper (K&Company). 

Materials:  Cartridge Tags, Bags & More 2 and Happy Hunting's.
Additional materials:  Action wobbles, glue

This is the top of the box.

The first layer is a black paper mat to put the second layer with the carabellas on yellow.Under the black layer is the action wobble to give moment to the top.  I did various layouts, witches and hats.

On the inside, the paper has beautiful colors and I just put some M&M.

To put the final touch, the orange ribbon goes around and under the action wobble head.
I hope you like it! 
Treat or Treak!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

FCCB's On the Job Challenge - CCR Image Obama Rommey

Hello everyone:

I will like to share another challenge sponsor by Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog - Challenge Me Monday #127.  We have to create an occupational career image in order to participate.  Being born and race in Puerto  Rico, the most popular career is politics.  Yes! everybody wants to be a lawyer to be in politics, and also being in an election year, I think politics will be part of the occupational career to all of us.

To create this card, I used the FREE images from  Cricut Craft Room from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  They are fantastic and very realistic images.  I cut both in 4" and follow the images colors to cut every detail.

 I've it, specially free, and I know I will used it again for any project for my kids school. 
They look so real!!!

Lunch is ready-Critter 2 Challenge

Hello, Happy 4th!

After a long weekend, its time to relax with my Cricut and create something special.  Today I check all my emails and I found one very interesting.  Crate a Critter 2 Contest, from  Cricut, but advertised in Obsessed with Scrap booking.  You need to create any image from the Critter 2 Cartridge using the CCR.  The best, the images are FREE!!!

Then, for the first time I published my bags in the Cricut page, WOW!!!! That is a major step.  If I win I will be able to used all the cricut images from the craft room for free.  The competition is really hard, but in the mind time I have fun!  I don't put too much effort in this project, since I wasn't to be able to used it for my children lunch:

Cartridge:  Critters 2
Materials needed:  red, black and orange cart stock, a piece of orange ribbon, glue and two paper bags.

 This is the image of the two lunch boxes together.

The pumpkin bag was cut 4" and the candy was decorated with an orange ribbon.

The pirate ghost was cut 4" with black shadow, red layer and orange silhouette.  For highlight the eye, I used a wobble eye.
Folding the bag in two, then you glue the BOO sign to the front of the image to keep all the attention in one side of the bag.  Know is ready for lunch!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SKdigis-Tropical Storm Challenge - Playtime

It was funny to find a Tropical Storm Challenge just using an umbrella.  We were Sunday and Monday inside because of Isaac.   Well, apparently everybody had the same duties, shutters, cleaning and pick up the backyard and resting inside until the storm pass.

For this challenge they used digital images, but I'm not so good in that subject, so I used my inseparable Cricut to do my project.  Just thinking about the storm, I cannot used some theme more relaxing than a bath, sorry a shower....an umbrella.....

  • Cricut Lite Playtime - for the bathtub, cut in 3" height.
  • Cricut 3 Birds on Parade - for the umbrella
  • Cricut Billionaire - for the text "Ready to relax" 

First I cut the bath 3" top two times, in brown cart stock and in blue card stock.  Then I cut the rest of the image, the bath top and the bubbles both in white paper.  For the bubbles I used Glitter glue white.  Then I used the Cricut stencil to create a designed and color the bath top with Studio G blue chalks.  For the umbrella I used the pink chalks.  To decorate I add a little pink bow on the top.
Just a piece of white ribbon will be used as a towel.

I hope in the near future I learn how to used the digital images, but for know I am having fun.

Are you ready to relax.?.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BBTB2-Back To school - Tags, Bags & More 2

Time to go back to school and time for a new challenge sponsor by Bitten By  The Bug 2.  I did this box again, since one of my co-workers love it, and match with her class room decoration:

Cartridge:  Tags, Bags and More
Font:  Billionaire

First I used Tags, bags, boxes and more 2 to create the box. The box was cut 7"x8" in the section cutting option. One's you glue the parts the action starts.  From Locker Talk,
I used for the front panel  "First day of school".

On one of the sides I used Good Job from Locker Talk.

On the back, A+ from Locker Talk and on the other side books from LT.

She love the idea to have a handy mini tissue box inside the present.
Have a wonderful school year with all the Cricut Creations.!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goggly Eye Challenge - 3 Birds on Parade, Billionaire and Wild card

Today I did a card to CCR Design Time Thursday, Theme:  Googly Eyes sponsor by Owl be Craft (http://owlbecraftin.blogspot.com/).  This so much fun to create with different themes that your imagination flies.

Card:  For the card I cut used all my cartridges in the Cricut Craft Room.  Its more easy for my to designed.  I cut on white paper 5 x 10 card from  Wild Card wow!  Then for the bird I used 3 Birds on Parade, 3" tall.  The letters used are from 3Brids, that I love their font.  For the magnifier accessory I used Cricut Lite, Billionaire.  The googly eyes used are small and medium to highlight the magnifier and the looking for you!!  On the inside, I just highlight the page with a line color paper.

I hope you like it!!!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Piggy Oink Back to School - Animal Kingdom & Tags, Bags More 2

I love to give away little things for special people.  This mini back to school kit is for my friend Silvia a Kindergarten teacher.  She loves pigs and what a better way to said welcome to a new year with her favorite animal.
The triangle box was cut 5.5" x 5.3".  The oink and the pig are from Animal Kingdom.

So, to put inside the box I saw this paper clips with apples in a web page, but in this case will be piggies in the clipboards.  They look adorable.  The pigs were cut 1.5" in two tones and highlighted with markers and pink chark.  I cant wait for tomorrow to see her face.

Have a wonderful piggy school year!

Back to School Box - Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2 & Locker Talk

Today I will like to show you the little boxes that I made for my daughter's Principal and Assistant Principal as a thankful appreciation and attention to my daughter.  On the inside, they will find a mini tissue box.
First I used Tags, bags, boxes and more 2 to create the box.  The box was cut 7"x8" in the section cutting option.  One's you glue the parts the action starts.

On the top front part will be the Names.  Front panel  used First day of school signed from Locker Talk,

On the side I used Good job! from Locker Talk in blue, red and yellow combination.

A+ to keep celebrating that our school is an A+/

On the other side, the books that will inspired our children's to study.

And only in one box I used a Pencil with a piece of ribbon and a Viking Label
to honor our Vikings students.

On the Inside they would find a mini card from Locker Talk, with an apple accent to write the thank you note.  Mini card cut 3" x 3".

On the back I used the handmade by stamp from G Studio to signed and give a personal touch.

I hope you like it.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life is a beach -Part 2- Dophin frame

OK, my son wants a dolphin frame for his room, since I did one for my daughter.  He had a great experience swimming with the Dolphins for his 11th birthday.  Since I used Life is a Beach cartridge to do my daughters frame, I decided to used the same but with different elements:

I used Life is a Beach to cut the dolphin, friends, adventure, the sand castle, the boat an the border of the dolphins.  I used a red cardboard 12x 12 and a blue 10 x 10 with 4 rectangles to place the pictures.  At Michael's I bought a memory box frame to displayed it in this room with a black frame.

Create memories with family and friends!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pack your bags - Birthday Card

Hello Everybody:

Summer is almost over but we are planning to have a weekend at Ft. Myers Beach with our friend Judy that is celebrating her birthday.  For her I designed a card just like her, a good drink, beach and sun.  I used Pack your Bags, for all the layout.

I cut the card 5" x 10".  The palms and the figure were cut 4". 

Inside the phrases I selected Peace & Quiet for the message.  The amapola flower is part of the
Pack your bags.

Happy Birthday My Friend, I hope you like it!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

BBTB2 Farm Challenge - Animal Kingdom, Paper Dolls Dress Up, Country Life

Hello Everybody:
Today I was creating a card for BBB2 for the Farm challenge.  It's was very hard to create a card using many animals from the farm for a friends birthday party.  I cut 4 cards 7 x 5 as background.
Then I decorated the front of the card with blue sky 4" wide and green for the bottom 3" wide.
The cartridges used were:
  • animal kingdom - pig, cat, dog, duck, horse, cow, hen, chicken and lamb
  • Paper dolls dress up - sun, letters, grass
  • Country life- farm, banners

Gianna's Little Farm Birthday Party #2

Page 1 had the pig on a mud poodle.  The fence (3 cuts) goes all the way from left to right in three cuts up to the farm.
The grass was from Paper Doll Dress Up (Tabs) and the cat and the duck were from Animal Kingdom.

Page 2 had a horse, cow, chicken (sitting in top of the horse) and the sun. To create the mountain as part as the sun I used a piece of the same green used in the sun based from Country Life.

Page 3 is the barn from Country Life and sheep and the dog from Animal Kingdom.  On the wind mill I have the banner for her birthday #2.   The farm was cut 7" tall to give altitude to the page.
  The cloud is from Paper doll dress up.  I took a close up look of all the animals.  All were cut in 2" height, except the pig that was bigger.
The sheep was cut in gray and also in white.

I love the dog, looks so real.

I hope you like my farm..