I am very happy to share my work with all of you. I still in the beginner stage but I am having lots of fun.
I hope you enjoy it!

Millie Perez - Alfonso

Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrate with Flourish

Happy Mothers Day!
Having a wonderful mom that loves her grandchildren, is the inspiration to bring great memories to this special day.  For the card I used 3 panels 5" x 10" panes, to form an accordion.

For the Mothers Day heading, I used Celebrate with Flourish cartridge.

The message is very special, and express what is a great mother.

On the first inside accordion, I decorated with a border with big bright circles and cut the border for the pictures in a contrast color.  The picture that I used is at least 6 years old.
On the center, since we talk also Spanish, I wrote "Cada año se pone..." that means Every year gets...

For the last accordion, I used on of the most recent pictures with mom and all the grandchildren.  The heading said "mejor"  - "better.

This is the look for the card to be displayed.

Happy Mothers Day!

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