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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lunch is ready-Critter 2 Challenge

Hello, Happy 4th!

After a long weekend, its time to relax with my Cricut and create something special.  Today I check all my emails and I found one very interesting.  Crate a Critter 2 Contest, from  Cricut, but advertised in Obsessed with Scrap booking.  You need to create any image from the Critter 2 Cartridge using the CCR.  The best, the images are FREE!!!

Then, for the first time I published my bags in the Cricut page, WOW!!!! That is a major step.  If I win I will be able to used all the cricut images from the craft room for free.  The competition is really hard, but in the mind time I have fun!  I don't put too much effort in this project, since I wasn't to be able to used it for my children lunch:

Cartridge:  Critters 2
Materials needed:  red, black and orange cart stock, a piece of orange ribbon, glue and two paper bags.

 This is the image of the two lunch boxes together.

The pumpkin bag was cut 4" and the candy was decorated with an orange ribbon.

The pirate ghost was cut 4" with black shadow, red layer and orange silhouette.  For highlight the eye, I used a wobble eye.
Folding the bag in two, then you glue the BOO sign to the front of the image to keep all the attention in one side of the bag.  Know is ready for lunch!!


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