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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Billionaire - Hollywood Mini Books

Hello everybody:
My girls at Girl Scout are going to celebrate the bridging and the end of the year party with the Hollywood theme.  And thinking cutting and going around, finally I came with the third version of the Hollywood Mini book.
First I cut 6 cardboard 5.75 x 4.53, 2 black, 2 yellow and 2 red with blue lines.
I used Campin Critters Cricut Cartridge. The Hollywood 203 I used the letters from Billionaire and set the gypsy in Basic 0.59 x 0.58, place the letters together with advance -0.10.  The stars was a combination of sizes from Paisley Cartridge.  Big stars 3.77 x 3.59, medium 2.41 x 2.29, small 1.67 x 1.59.

For the directors clip board I used Locker Talk, size 2.78 x 2.62, and highlighted the lines with a silver market.  For the picture frame I used Wild Card, 4.15 x 5.30 in white cardboard.The directors light was printed from Lettering Delight - Movies Theme.

From school also I used the paper cutters to reproduce the camera.

This ribbon was the Bomb!  It was from Micheal's and give the special touch to decorate the film that I printed from Movies - Lettering Delight.

This particular wavy boarder was from Cricut Craft Room Basics, 4.97 x 4.06.
All he stars were highlighted with the silver marker to bring them as part of the action!

To make more pictures frame I used a different boarder from Wild Card, 4.05 x 4.03 and combined red and white paper.

From school I used some cutters to cut the film and the camera.

For the Admit One ticket I used Locker Talk, size 2.45 x 1.15 and the shadow 2.67 x 1.21 in red and black.

Autographs is going to be the fun part of the night when each girl will asked their friends for their autographs as all of them being part of the Hollywood wall of fame.  I used Billionaire Cartridge.

From Lettering Delight, also I used the theaters faces to bring a little touch to the end of the book.  Every girl signed their books on the back

And the gran finale was to cut ribbons 5" to decorate the rings that hold the pages. 
This was a big production of 40 mini books, but I have to thanks my friends Carmen and Jovanna for their help in making this project a reality for our Girl Scouts.  And at the end,


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