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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Derby Car Race

OMG what a fun day!  Today my son had his end of the year party with a Derby race and it was fun.  Mommy and Sister creates our cars this morning, of course with scrap booking steakers, flowers, etc.
My card wins the Most Beautiful Car in the race, because was so beautiful that can not race.
My daughter creates a Girl Scout Car with the cookie sign that was the Boom! And my son creates a black race card that almost make it to the finals.  But the idea was to have fun and it was fabulous.
Enjoy the card decorations!

 Most of the flowers and butterflies were stickers, but the flowers were make with Mothers Day Bouquet Cartridge.

My name is Fabulous!!

This is Patty's car and as you see GS Rules and Buy cookies was the hit at the race.  She had all the boys suffering since her car was fast and adorable!!

Our new parking garage!!!!

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