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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kids Valentine Card - Create a Critter 2

I'm so happy to be back to my Cricut.  This time I found a challenge from Fantabulous Cricut Challnge Blog, #148 be my valentine that gave me inspiration to create a card for my daughter and son for Valentine's Day. " Love is in the air."  I used Create a Critter 2, a great gift from my Cricut mentor Carmen.

Patty's Card: (Girl)

She loves Koalas, and Create a Critter 2 has the most cute Koala.  Also I used the wiggle tags to make more emotion and movement into the Koala.

Koala - cut 2 1/2"
Card - 5 x 10"
Stamp - Just because
Letters - Hugs and kisses, flowers cut 2 1/2"

Carlos Card: (Boy)
My son is a fanatic of hug and kisses, but specially if Hershey's Kisses are involved!  For Him I cut the cupid Hug n Kisses and make an arrangement of kisses from him.  (Also Creative Creater 2) 

Card: 8 1/2" x 8" - in the center for folding I did some lines to make it easy to fold.
Hugs n Kisses letters - cut 2 1/2"
Flower bouquet - cut 5"
In this case it was not necessary to cut the flowers, since I was going to put the kisses.


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